Michigan Boating Laws

“Slow, No Wake Speed”

Means the slowest speed at which it
is still possible to maintain steering and which does not  create a wake.

U.S.C.G. Marine Speed Laws
“No Wake”

“No wake” is defined as the slowest possible speed required to maintain steerage and headway.



On the waters of the Cheboygan River, town 37 North, range 1 West; town 38 North, range 1 West, city of Cheboygan, Benton and Inverness Townships, Cheboygan County, from outermost end of the West pierhead upstream to Mullett Lake, it shall be unlawful for the operator of a vessel to exceed a slow- no wake speed.

Videos of violators will be posted here. Our members are taking videos of No Wake Violators to help law enforcement out. These represent a very small sampling of the 2016 boating season. We all see numerous violations each day.

One of our priorities is river safety. Not only for us but for our families and visitors to the Cheboygan area who come here to enjoy the Inland Waterway. The Cheboygan River is a key component of the waterway and home owners along it's banks see multiple No Wake violations on a daily basis. These violations put everybody at risk and the No Wake laws must be enforced for everybody's safety. Enforcement and education are two key parts in reducing these dangerous violations.