*It's the right thing to do: for your children, grandchildren and the public good.

* Create pride of community.

* Wield a common voice to help ensure a safe, tranquil, and enjoyable waterway.

* Work with like minded people.

* Rally around a common ideal to help continue the     C.R.P.A.'s positive driving force.

* Take charge and help yourself and family.

* Support the common sense management, protection, and respectful use and enjoyment of the Cheboygan River.

* Enjoy in the success that other associations like M.A.P.S. and B.L.P.A. have created for the residents of Mullett and Burt Lakes.

Why join the Cheboygan River Preservation Association?


Please complete this form as you would like information to appear in the C.R.P.A. Association directory and mailings.


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Make checks payable to: C.R.P.A. or Cheboygan River Preservation Assoc.

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 Amount enclosed:__________________ ( We are working on our 501(c)(3) status, this is not tax deductible as of yet )

 Thank you for your support.

 Return to: C.R.P.A., P.O. Box 603, Cheboygan, Mi 49721


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Membership Form

* It's easy to protect a river. It's very hard to save a river.

* Make a difference and feel the pride knowing you did so.

* Take control of your destiny and help positively impact safety, the shoreline, environmental serenity, and ultimately property values for example.

* Associate with others to help maintain what's best for the common good.

* Share in a common interest and passion.

* Make new friends.

* Add to the togetherness of our Association.

* Have fun and enjoy getting to know each other as river residents, individuals, families, and a community.