Brief History of the CRPA

Dave Ripper and Blair Headrick, along with their families, are property owners along the Cheboygan River,  in the  fall of 2015, after another season of endless no-wake violations, decided something HAD to be done.  After many years of concerns, complaints, and anxiety, they spoke with a hand-full of other distressed Cheboygan River property owners, and after hearing most all of them express the same concerns, they decided to create the Cheboygan River Preservation Association (CRPA).  They felt it was time to offer their leadership to unite fellow riverfront property owners so they could have an impactful voice to discuss common concerns, with the proper responsible people and organizations, including the need to help improve the tranquility of the River environment and help sustain such for current and future generations.

While they are interested in protecting all aspects of the Cheboygan River and its watershed, they believe water safety is a top priority - safety not only for everyone and their families as boaters, swimmers, and kayakers, but also safety for wild-life including the shoreline habitat that erodes with every waking “roller” from uncaring and/or unknowing boaters.

They have been working in concert with the Cheboygan County Sheriff’s Dept. Outdoor Division (which includes the Marine team), as well as the DNR, and will continue to do so.  Their discussions and meetings have been very positive and everyone is on board to help reduce these violations.  You may have noticed more patrols this year from not only the Marine Division, but also the DNR and USCG.  Additionally, working with the DNR and USCG, Dave and Blair have placed two official No-Wake buoys on the river.  These should also aid in helping reduce violations through enhanced awareness of no-wake laws and by eliminating excuses by violators that they are unaware of such.

So, because of this and because they are aware there could be other issues of common concern, brought to attention by property owners, they are taking much time and expending considerable effort, on behalf of the property owners and the community, to create the Cheboygan River Preservation Association.  They are very hopeful that through positive, cooperative, and proactive efforts, all will benefit from the Association.  They are confident that, over time, membership and participation will grow as people see the benefit of the Association.  Finally, they are also optimistic that people will enjoy interacting with and getting to know others in their beautiful River-front community!